End user experience of business applications is reliant on internet access. However, businesses are accessing the internet via data centres which creates unnecessary distance on our internet journey – adding delays and impacting user experience across your team.

SD-WAN uses software to intelligently route traffic across the WAN – redefining your network architecture which can be deployed in minutes to all of your remote devices across thousands of branches.

By centralising the control function, your team will benefit from improved quality of service and security policies are defined centrally and programmed automatically to all SD-WAN appliances and branch locations.
How will Silver Peak’s leading SD-WAN offering support your business?
WAN & Security Transformation
Silver Peak provides a cloud-first WAN architecture, offering the flexibility to transform your security architecture at your own pace. By starting out with WAN transformation, enterprises can begin to optimise cloud experience using secure internet breakout capabilities and address their security architecture at your own pace.
Business Efficiency
Do more with less to maximise new and existing investments in the cloud. Not only will this reduce overall network costs, but it will drive business productivity, end user satisfaction and increased IT efficiencies across the board.
Application Performance
Deliver the highest quality of experience to your users by increasing application performance and availability over any network and transport. Expanding the use of broadband services from WAN locations to access these cloud-hosted applications makes it imperative for IT to support the highest quality of experience for end users, regardless of the location or underlying network, whether it’s private, public or mobile.
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Everything you need to know about SD WAN:
The job of the WAN is to connect users to their applications at any time and from any device. Traffic patterns have changed with the move to the cloud.